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Wasatch Theatrical Ventures’ (WTV) was established to produce great  American plays, at the highest artistic level, in the intimacy of small  theatre; and to do so at affordable ticket prices – so that great  American theatre is not reserved for “elites” willing to spend hundreds  of dollars for first-class productions. 

In the playhouses WTV  chooses every seat is a “premium” seat. The short space between actors  and audience creates a unique theatre experience. This dynamic cannot be  produced, at any price, in large halls or amphitheatres. 

WTV’s  selection of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons -- one of  America’s greatest plays, written by one of America’s greatest  playwrights – exemplifies the Company’s mission.    

Fueled by a  passion for American theatre, WTV is willing to incur the expense and  financial risk of bringing acknowledged theatrical masterpieces, written  by the best American playwrights, to the small stage, at small theatre  prices, with “great stage” production values – from the sets to the  sound, the lighting to the costumes, the accomplished actors to the  professional directors. 

To borrow a phrase from the “father” of all playwrights: at WTV, “the play’s the thing.”  

As  written and originally produced.  No adaptations, editing, or  corner-cutting of these timeless explorations of American life.   

The Chairman of WTV’s Honorary  Board is the prize-winning American playwright David Feldshuh (Miss  Ever’s Boys),  Director Emeritus of Cornell Univeristy's Department of Theatre  Arts.  

 Wasatch Theatrical Ventures Inc. Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  

Contributions  to WTVI are tax deductible.